SEFS meeting in Münster, 1-7 July 2013

Our group is presenting 3 papers at the upcoming Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS) in Münster, Germany:

Alp M, Monaghan MT. Mayfly mating strategies: a molecular study of Baetis rhodani. (#386)(Talk R01-02)

Rutschmann S, Gattolliat J-L, Hughes SJ, Báez M, Sartori M, Monaghan MT. Complex colonization of oceanic islands by mayflies (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) (#366)(Talk R02-05)

Wurzbacher C, Fuchs A, Frindte K, Attermeyer K, Allgaier M, Hupfer M, Grossart HP, Casper P, Monaghan MT. Centuries of buried microbes – preservation and degradation of organic matter in lake sediments (#508)

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