Sustainability – Holzhauer et al.

Our description of the Verlust der Nacht (Loss of the Night) field experimental infrastructure was published today in Sustainability

Holzhauer, S.I.J.; Franke, S.; Kyba, C.C.M.; Manfrin, A.; Klenke, R.; Voigt, C.C.; Lewanzik, D.; Oehlert, M.; Monaghan, M.T.; Schneider, S.; Heller, S.; Kuechly, H.; Brüning, A.; Honnen, A.-C.; Hölker, F. Out of the Dark: Establishing a Large-Scale Field Experiment to Assess the Effects of Artificial Light at Night on Species and Food Webs. Sustainability 2015, 7, 15593-15616.

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