Molecular Ecology — Rodriguez-Ezpeleta et al.

Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N, O Morissette, C Bean, S Manu, P Banerjee, A Lacoursiere, K Beng, E Alter, Fabian Roger, Luke Holman, Kathryn Stewart, MT Monaghan, Q Mauvisseau, L Mirimin, OS Wangensteen, C Antognazza, S Helyar, H de Boer, M-E Monchamp, R Nijland, C Abbott, H Doi, M Barnes, M Leray, P Hablützel, K Deiner. in press.
Trade-offs between reducing complex terminology and producing accurate interpretations from environmental DNA: Comment on “Environmental DNA: What’s behind the term?” by Pawlowski et al. (2020).
Molecular Ecology

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