Open Book BBC Radio 4 — Jessica J Lee

Alex Clark talks to Richard Powers about The Overstory, a novel about the majesty and importance of trees. They’re also joined by Melissa Harrison and Jessica J Lee (IGB Writer in Residence) to consider contemporary nature writing and the environmental concerns preoccupying novelists today. And ecologist Liam Heneghan examines why children’s writers have been so drawn to trees and forests.

Molecular Ecology Resources — Heeger, Bourne et al.

Felix Heeger, Elizabeth C. Bourne, Christiane Baschien, Andrey Yurkov, Boyke Bunk, Cathrin Spröer, Jörg Overmann, Camila J. Mazzoni, Michael T. Monaghan (in press)
Long‐read DNA metabarcoding of ribosomal RNA in the analysis of fungi from aquatic environments
Mol. Ecol. Res. 10.1111/1755-0998.12937

Aquatic Conservation — Darwall et al.

William Darwall, Vanessa Bremerich, Aaike De Wever, Anthony I. Dell, Jörg Freyhof, Mark O. Gessner, Hans-Peter Grossart, Ian Harrison, Ken Irvine, Sonja C. Jähnig, Jonathan M. Jeschke, Jessica J. Lee, Cai Lu, Aleksandra M. Lewandowska, Michael T. Monaghan, Jens C. Nejstgaard, Harmony Patricio, Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber, Simon N. Stuart, Michele Thieme, Klement Tockner, Eren Turak, Olaf … Continue reading “Aquatic Conservation — Darwall et al.”

Darwall W, V Bremerich, A De Wever, AI Dell, J Freyhof, MO Gessner, H-P Grossart, I Harrison, K Irvine, SC Jähnig, JM Jeschke, JJ Lee, C Lu, AM Lewandowska, MT Monaghan, JC Nejstgaard, H Patricio, A Schmidt-Kloiber, SN Stuart, M Thieme, K Tockner, E Turak, O Weyl (in press)
The Alliance for Freshwater Life: a global call to unite efforts for freshwater biodiversity science and conservation
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Research (online early)