Environmental Pollution – Grubisic et al.

Now published:
Grubisic M, RHA van Grunsven, A Manfrin, MT Monaghan, F Hölker. 2018.
A transition to white LED increases ecological impacts of nocturnal illumination on aquatic primary producers in a lowland agricultural drainage ditch
Environmental Pollution 240:630-638.


Frontiers in Env. Sci. — Manfrin et al.

Alessandro Manfrin, Gabriel Singer, Stefano Larsen, Nadine Weiß, Roy H. A. van Grunsven, Nina-Sophie Weiß, Stefanie Wohlfahrt, Michael T. Monaghan*, Franz Hölker*
Artificial light at night affects organism flux across ecosystem boundaries and drives community structure in the recipient ecosystem
Frontiers in Environmental Science 10.3389/fenvs.2017.00061