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#BrainCityBerlin Wächst – Wissenschaftsgebäude Biodiversität
Senats­kanzlei Wissenschaft und Forschung – News 29 September 2021

Vive controverse autour du déclin des insectes
Le Monde 18 Jan 2021 (by Stéphane Foucart)

leibniz (by Linus Goericke, David Schelp, Julia Ucsnay)

Tens of thousands of scientists are redeploying to fight coronavirus
Nature (by Giuliana Viglione)

FVB research and activities relating to the coronavirus pandemic
Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.

The dark side of light
The Atlantic   (by Rebecca Boyle)

The Alliance for Freshwater Life is launched
The Freshwater Blog

Richard Powers and Nature Writing, joined by Melissa Harrison and Jessica J Lee
BBC Radio 4 “Open Book”

BBC Shortcuts (radio)   (by Jessica J Lee)

The dark side of light: how artificial lighting is harming the natural world
Nature   (by Aisling Irwin)

Insektensterben — Die dunkle Seite des Lichts

Alessandro Manfrin, l’italiano che a Berlino ha dimostrato che la luce artificiale influenza il comportamento
Berlino Magazine

Waterside lighting drastically disrupts wildlife in the surrounding ecosystem

Light pollution found to disrupt natural balance between insects and predators, impacting ecosystem health

Waterside lighting drastically disrupts wildlife in the surrounding ecosystem

Uferbeleuchtung: Der fatale Insektenstaubsauger

Is light pollution changing how plants do – and don’t – grow?

Insektensterben — Tödliches Schwirren
Der Tagesspiegel  (by Susanne Donner)

Underwater mushrooms: Curious lake fungi under every turned over stone
AAAS EurekAlert!