Michael T. Monaghan

email: monaghan @ igb-berlin.de
twitter: @ monaghanlab


Senior Scientist and Research Group Leader
Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Berlin, Germany
Center for Genomics in Biodiversity Research

Freie Universität Berlin, Biology (Institut für Biologie)

My background is in freshwater ecology and evolutionary biology and I use both to study biodiversity, namely the processes of diversification and adaptation and the influence of environmental changes (e.g., climate, habitat). I also work on the development and application of genomics methods (next-gen. sequencing, evolutionary bioinformatics) to problems in environmental science. I have lived and worked in Germany, England, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Tanzania, Madagascar, New Zealand, and the USA and lead an international research group with a broad outlook.


2002 PhD ETH Zürich
1998 MSc Idaho State University
1995 BSc (The) Ohio State University

Curriculum Vitae

2018- Guest Professor, Ehime University, Dept Civil and Environmental Engineering, Matsuyama, Japan
2018- Professor (Honorarprofessor im Fach Biologie), Freie Universität Berlin
2016 Visiting Professor, Duke-NUS (National University of Singapore) Medical School, Singapore
2015-2016 Guest Professor, Ehime University, Dept Civil and Environmental Engineering, Matsuyama, Japan
since 2008 Senior Scientist, Department of Ecosystem Research, IGB
2008-2018 Lecturer (Dozent), Freie Universität Berlin (2008- Biology / 2013- Computer Science)
2003-2008 Post-Doc, Imperial College London + Natural History Museum (with Alfried P Vogler)
1998-2002 PhD student, Eawag (supervisors: Piet Spaak, Chris Robinson, James V Ward)
2000 Visiting PhD Student, Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand
1995-1998 Research Assistant, Idaho State University, USA (supervisor: G Wayne Minshall)
1994 Laboratory Assistant, FT Stone Laboratory, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
1990-1995 Studies in engineering, biology, and environmental science, The Ohio State University, USA

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Invited Talks

12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics ISE2018 , Tokyo (2018)(keynote)
Martin Luther Universität, Halle (2018)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ehime University, Matsuyama (2016)
University of Copenhagen – Natural History Museum (2015)
Genomics Week @ CIBIO-InBIO, Vairão (2015)
Dahlem Center of Plant Sciences, Berlin (2015)
Natural History Museum – University of Oslo (2015)
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (2015)
Institüt für Biochemie und Biologie, Universität Potsdam (2014)
Evolution and Ecology Colloquium, Institüt für Biologie, Freie Universität Berlin (2013)
Graduate School for Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (2013)
“New Trends in Biological and Ecological Research Symposium”, Štrbské Pleso (2012) (plenary)
Department of Ecology and Evolution, Université de Lausanne (2012)
“Molecular Methods in Animal Ecology Symposium”, Prešovská Univerzita, Slovakia (2012)(keynote)
Department of Civil Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai (2011)
“International Workshop on Habitatology for Linking Sediment Dynamism and Biodiversity”, Kyoto (2011)
Department of Zoology, Kyoto University (2011)
Ecology and Civil Engineering Society of Japan, Tokyo (2011)
National Institute of Environmental Study (NIES), Tsukuba (2011)
Laboratoire d’Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (2011)
Evolutionsbiologisches Kolloquium, Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig (ZFMK) and Institut für Evolutionsbiologie, Universität Bonn (2011)
Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F), Frankfurt (2011)
Fachbereich Zoologie, Institut für Biologie, Freie Universität Berlin (2011)
North American Benthological Society Meeting – Special Session, Grand Rapids, USA (2009)
Evolutionsbiologisches Seminar, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (2009)
International Joint Meeting on Ephemeroptera & Plecoptera, Stuttgart (2008) (keynote)
Institute of Biology, Freie Universität Berlin (2008)
Zoology Department, University of Oxford (2007)
Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore (2006)
“DNA and the Future of Museum Collections” Symposium, Natural History Museum, London (2006)
Université de Fribourg (2005)
Dartmouth College (2002)
Universität Konstanz (2002)


Subject Editor: Metabarcoding and Metagenomics (2017-)
Associate Editor: European Journal of Ecology (2015-)
Associate Editor: Aquatic Ecology (2010-2018)
Guest Editor: Freshwater Science (published 2014)
Guest Editor: Hydrobiologia (published 2011)
Guest Editor: Journal of the North American Benthological Society (published 2010)

Field experience

Madagascar (4 expeditions 2003-2008)
Tanzania 2002
South Africa 2003
Papua New Guinea (Goroka Highlands) 2003
Switzerland (1998-2002)
Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige) 1998-2001 and 2008-2012
Germany (Brandenburg) 2008-
Idaho 1995-1998
Alaska (Yukon) 1995