Manuscripts that are not yet peer-reviewed

Safeguarding Freshwater Life Beyond 2020: Recommendations for the New Global Biodiversity Framework from the European Experience
van Rees, C.B.; Waylen, K.A.; Schmidt-Kloiber, A.; Thackeray, S.J.; Kalinkat, G.; Martens, K.; Domisch, S.; Lillebø, A.I.; Hermoso, V.; Grossart, H.; Schinegger, R.; Decleer, K.; Adriaens, T.; Denys, L.; Jarić, I.; Janse, J.H.; Monaghan, M.T.; De Wever, A.; Geijzendorffer, I.; Adamescu, M.C.; Jähnig, S.C.

Using mitochondrial genomes to infer phylogenetic relationships among the oldest extant winged insects (Palaeoptera)
Rutschmann, Chen, Zhou, Monaghan