Introduction to R and RStudio

The course covers the basics of using R and is intended for beginners, although experienced users will certainly learn a few new tricks. It is a “learning-by-doing” format. This means minimal lecture and many hands-on exercises.

Topics covered:

-R terminology (vectors, data frames, objects, functions, arguments, packages…)

-reading data into R (e.g., from your own spreadsheet files)

-basic statistics (ANOVA, linear models)

-graphics (high- and low-level plotting functions)


-installing and using packages

-using RStudio

Course requirements:

– laptop (unix/mac/windows) with WiFi connection.

– R v. 3.4.2 “Short Summer” or higher installed (available at

– RStudio Desktop (open source license) v. 1.1.383 or higher (available at

 – course data files (will be provided on the first day)