Welcome to the webpage of Michael T. Monaghan and members of the Molecular Ecology and Genomics Research Group at the Leibniz IGB and the Center for Genomics in Biodiversity Research (begendiv.de) in Berlin.

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Selected Publications

Grubisic et al. (2018) A transition to white LED increases ecological impacts of nocturnal illumination on aquatic primary producers in a lowland agricultural drainage ditch Environmental Pollution 240:630-638.

Manfrin et al. (in press) Dietary changes in predators and scavengers in a nocturnally illuminated riparian ecosystem Oikos 10.1111/oik.04696

Watanabe & Monaghan (2017) Comparative tests of the species-genetic diversity correlation at neutral and non-neutral loci in four species of stream insect. Evolution 71:1755–1764.

Wurzbacher et al. (2017) Shifts among Eukarya, Bacteria, and Archaea define the vertical organization of a lake sediment. Microbiome 5:41.

Rutschmann*, Detering* et al. (2017) DiscoMark: Nuclear marker discovery from orthologous sequences using draft genome data. Molecular Ecology Resources 17:257-266.

Honnen*, Johnston* et al. (2016) Sex-specific gene expression in the mosquito Culex pipiens f. molestus in response to artificial light at night. BMC Genomics 17:22.

Hölker et al. (2015) Microbial diversity and community respiration in freshwater sediments influenced by artificial light at night. Phil Trans Roy Soc B 10.1098/rstb.2014.0130.

Rutschmann et al. (2014) Evolution and island endemism of morphologically cryptic Baetis and Cloeon species (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae) on the Canary Islands and Madeira. Freshwater Biology 59:2516-2527.

Toussaint et al. (2014) The towering orogeny of New Guinea as a trigger of arthropod megadiversity. Nature Communications 5:4001.

Dijkstra et al. (2014) Freshwater biodiversity and aquatic insect diversification. Annual Review of Entomology 59:143-163.

Baselga et al. (2013) Whole-community DNA barcoding reveals a spatiotemporal continuum of biodiversity at species and genetic levels. Nature Communications 4:1892.

Bergsten et al. (2012) The effect of geographical scale of sampling on DNA barcoding. Systematic Biology 61:851-869.

Powell et al. (2011) Evolutionary criteria outperform operational approaches in producing ecologically relevant fungal species inventories. Molecular Ecology 20:655-66.

*contributed equally

Open Positions

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact me directly (monaghan @ igb-berlin.de). Funded positions will be advertised below and on usual outlets including EvolDir. Other funding opportunities include the International IGB Fellowship Program in Freshwater Science.

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Fiume Tagliamento at Flogogna, Italy (R. Danabalan)