Welcome to the website of the Molecular Ecology and Genomics Research Group at the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), the Freie Universität Berlin, and the Center for Genomics in Biodiversity Research (BeGenDiv)

We are a diverse and active group of people broadly interested in the ecology and biodiversity of freshwater organisms (insects, fungi, diatoms, microbes, fish). Our research is largely focused on applying theory and methods from evolutionary bioinformatics and genomics to problems in stream, river, and lake ecosystems.

Recent Publications (complete list)

Bracamonte et al. (2019) Experimental infection with Anguillicola crassus alters immune gene expression in both spleen and head kidney of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) Marine Genomics 10.1016/j.margen.2018.12.002

Lu et al. (2018) Daphnia galeata responds to the exposure to an ichthyosporean gut parasite by down-regulation of immunity and lipid metabolism. BMC Genomics 19:932.

Gattoliatt et al. (2018) From molecular hypotheses to valid species: description of three endemic species of Baetis (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) from the Canary Islands Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny 76:509-528.

Heeger*, Bourne* et al. (2018) Long-read DNA metabarcoding of ribosomal rRNA in the analysis of fungi from aquatic environments. Molecular Ecology Resources 18:1500-1514.

Darwall et al. (2018) The Alliance for Freshwater Life: A global call to unite efforts for freshwater biodiversity science and conservation. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosytems 28:1015-1022.

Grubisic et al. (2018) A transition to white LED increases ecological impacts of nocturnal illumination on aquatic primary producers in a lowland agricultural drainage ditch. Environmental Pollution 240:630-638.

Manfrin et al. (2018) Dietary changes in predators and scavengers in a nocturnally illuminated riparian ecosystem. Oikos 127:960-969.

Watanabe & Monaghan (2017) Comparative tests of the species-genetic diversity correlation at neutral and non-neutral loci in four species of stream insect. Evolution 71:1755–1764.

Wurzbacher et al. (2017) Shifts among Eukarya, Bacteria, and Archaea define the vertical organization of a lake sediment. Microbiome 5:41.

Rutschmann*, Detering* et al. (2017) DiscoMark: Nuclear marker discovery from orthologous sequences using draft genome data. Molecular Ecology Resources 17:257-266.

*contributed equally

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Fiume Tagliamento at Flogogna, Italy (R. Danabalan)